Bill O’Hanlon Speaks at the Memoir Summit

October 29, 2017

Earlier today in our Facebook group, Own Your Creativity, I posted a question asking who among you might be helping professionals who want to write a memoir.

There are different types of memoirs – the most common is the personal memoir that explores your life. Then there’s the business memoir – a book that details how you created your business and/or left a legacy during your tenure in the business. Then there’s also a how-to memoir that mixes your business expertise and personal experience. The aim of this type of memoir is to help others achieve something that you are uniquely qualified to assist with, and we often see people in the helping professions write this type of memoir.

Someone who is very well acquainted with this type of book is Bill O’Hanlon. Bill has written and published 35 books, one of which, Do One Thing Different, got him featured as a guest on Oprah. He has also written and published over 60 articles and book chapters, including two memoir pieces. His books have been translated into 17 different languages, and he has also coached over 250 books by others into publication. Exploring a new way with words, Bill has recently embarked on a career as a professional songwriter and can regularly be found in Nashville singing his original songs.

Many songwriters use sad personal events to fuel their songwriting, and memoir writing is quite similar. During the memoir summit, Bill will be talking about that very topic in his interview entitled, Write What You “No”: Using Your Wounds and Upsets to Fuel Your Writing,

Bill and I had a great chat about the writing process and how to generate ideas for your books, and you won’t want to miss the wisdom that Bill O’Hanlon shares with us during this talk.

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