Brian Rotsztein Speaks at the Memoir Summit

November 7, 2017

Hello Everyone! Elizabeth Johnston here of Own Your Creativity and the memoir summit. Today I’m introducing Brian Rotsztein. Brian is a renaissance man whose passion and enthusiasm as an experienced digital entrepreneur has shone over the last two decades. With a unique constellation of talents, he successfully multitasks between being a CEO, Internet marketing professional, author, conference speaker, consultant, photographer, web designer, and TV media guest. His highly praised book, Content Marketing Ideas, is a complete guide to content creation and maintains a five-star rating on Amazon.

There are many stages to the writing process itself. There’s writing the various drafts, editing, proofreading, and preparing the manuscript for printing to name a few. Plus there’s this thing called building an author’s platform. During the summit, Brian talks about what that is, how to market your book effectively, networking and more!

To join us at the summit go to to sign up, and

I’ll see you there on November 14 to 16


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