Irina Fotland Interviews Elizabeth Johnston at the Memoir Summit

November 4, 2017

I’m thrilled to have Irina interview me about my book marketing techniques. I can’t think of anyone better suited to this conversation. Irina Fotland- Online Business Marketer, Feng Shui Consultant, with background in physics & mathematics

– She has practiced FS 20 years and now has many 1:1 VIP clients all over the world, helping them create the conditions for abundance in their lives. Lives in Norway, which is one of the places on my bucket list to visit!

I met Irina online in a Facebook challenge where we were encouraged to get an accountability partner. Funny thing, though, I had a partner for the challenge already and on Day 2 she dropped out of the challenge – without a word. I posted that I needed another partner and Irina popped up. What I think is so interesting here is that nothing would have happened had I not put my request out there. We all have to take risks if we want to get rewards. So, this means that not everything you do will be successful, but if you don’t do anything you definitely won’t sell as many books, if any at all.


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So the topic I'd like to talk about is ways to sell your book. I wrote and self-published in 2008 my book, No Small Potatoes, a book about why GMOs are bad for us. I bought 500+ books and sold all of them within a year. In Canada, 500 sales is very good for a trad publisher, so I was pleased. I want to talk about each of the strategies I used back then and some new ones I'd add to the mix for my next one.


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