Keepsake - A Video Poem by Elizabeth Johnston

November 11, 2017

Hello Everyone! Elizabeth Johnston here of Own Your Creativity - the podcast for women over 40 with a story to tell - and the host of the Memoir Summit. The summit is a free, online conference for aspiring writers happening Nov. 14 - 16. It consists of over 20 interviews with undustyr experts and best-selling authors who share their wisdom and expertise with you about writing, publishing and selling your memoir. To join us at the Memoir Summit, go to

Today is Remembrance Day, a day all about honoring our veterans and all those military people who have sacrificed so we can live better lives. Though I never served in a combat zone, this day always holds poignant meaning for me -- from the POV of being a former militia member, but also for the sacrifices my grandparents made during the 2nd WW. My grandfather was a Polish soldier captured by the Germans and held in a prison camp. My grandmother, also Polish, was forced to work on a German farm during the war. My grandparents  met in a displaced persons camp after the war. Neither talked a lot about their experiences but they had pictures from that time in the camp. I inherited those pictures and subsequently made a video poem called Keepsake. On this podcast episode, you'll hear the audio of that video. Its me reading the poem I wrote set to an original score, the brainchild of Fred Graham, who is the drummer and percussionist for The Irish Rovers. Fred, along with guitarist Gord Fisch and violinist and fiddler Sarah Frank, created the score. Fred was inspired by the Polish composer Chopin's nocturnes. Interestingly, Chopin himself was inspired in his nocturnes by the Irish composer John Field. 

Another element to this video is the visuals, which you unfortunately can't see through this medium, but they are quite beautiful, if I do say so myself. They are a combination of live action and stop-motion animation created by a super talented animator, Patricia Granato. If you would like to see the video poem, instead of just hear it, go to

.... That was the audio from my video poem Keepsake, inspired by the black and white photos given to me by my grandmother of the time she lived in the displaced persons camp in Germany, just after the second world war. If you'd like to see the video, just go to

And if you're interested in learning more about writing your own story, join us at the memoir summit, a free online conference for aspiring writers happening Nov. 14 - 16. Go to to grab your free ticket. See you soon, and until then, own your creativity so that you live with clarity, confidence and joy.


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