Lynette M. Smith Speaks at the Memoir Summit

November 6, 2017

Hello Everyone! Elizabeth Johnston here of Own Your Creativity and the memoir summit. Today I’m introducing Lynette M. Smith.


Lynette is a professional copyeditor and formatter of book manuscripts and proofreader of PDF book layouts. Having established All My Best in 2004, she builds results, respect, and relationships with authors and publishers; find out more at She has also indie-published several books, among them her bestselling 40-page handbook, "80 Common Layout Errors to Flag When Proofreading Book Interiors," and her award-winning comprehensive reference book, "How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special." These and more are available through major online retailers; for more information on all her publications, visit

It’s way too easy for us to overlook details in our own writing because we’re just to close to it. During the summit, Lynette shares her advice and best practices for writers - How to Save Time, Cut Costs, and Publish a Book That Shines!

To join us at the summit go to to sign up, and

I’ll see you there on November 14 to 16.


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