Tammie Quick Speaks at the Memoir Summit

November 8, 2017

Hello Everyone! I’M ELIZABETH JOHNSTON of Own Your Creativity and the memoir summit. Today I’m introducing memoir summit speaker, Tammie Quick. Tammie is a homeopath with a passion for life expressed through her singing and acting. She also has a strong empathy for the suffering of others. Heilkunst homeopathy has been the vehicle for helping so many, and writing her self-help-healing memoir How to Live Happily Ever After "Down Under": The How To Thrive With Lichen Sclerosis Guide has allowed her a global reach. Though her intention with writing her book was to help others heal, her how-to memoir surprised Tammie with its ability to reach a global audience. Turns out that the performing arts and the healing arts have more in common than she realized.

One of the elements that can keep a person from writing about their life is the fact of having to reveal private and intimate details. Well, it doesn’t get more private than talking about your lady parts! During our conversation at the memoir summit, Tammie talks about how she found the right way for her to tell her story and a lot more.

To join us at the summit go to memoirsummit.com to sign up, and

I’ll see you at the summit on November 14 to 16.


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