Creativity is a What-If Process - Dr Anne McTiernan 52

March 23, 2017

Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD, Starved: A Nutrition Doctor’s Journey from Empty to Full, Central Recovery Press, Las Vegas, November 2016

Dr. Anne McTiernan conducts studies on the effects of diet, exercise, and weight loss on cancer and health. She is a professor at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington Schools of Public Health and Medicine in Seattle. She is author of Starved: A Nutrition Doctor’s Journey from Empty to Full (Central Recovery Press, Las Vegas, November 2016) and Breast Fitness: An Optimal Exercise and Health Plan for Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer (St. Martin’s Press, 2000). She has appeared on the Today Show, MSNBC News Show, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, ABC News with Peter Jennings, and has been featured in USA Today, NY Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Parade, Associated Press, Seattle Times, US News & World Report, and other media. Dr. McTiernan has published over 350 scientific articles in prestigious medical journals, and lectures around the world on nutrition, obesity, physical activity, cancer, and health.


Creative Commitment Generates Magic - Helene Oseen 51

March 15, 2017

Helene Oseen’s passion and mission is to inspire women to love who they are, to own their power and to create their best life.

She has spent many years advising and styling women across the country and encouraging them on their life-long journey to learn, transform and expand life’s experiences in pursuit of happiness and that perfect outfit. As a speaker, style expert, Fashion 911® author, newspaper columnist and television contributor she dispenses both wisdom and wardrobe advice in her always true-to-the-female way experience. Her newest book (January 2017) Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to your Truest Self is available on Amazon as an e-book or paperback as well as on Audible.

Helene is a distinguished recipient of the Global Woman of Vision Award. Honoring exceptional women, it is bestowed on leaders who have implemented their passion and whose personal dedication and actions inspire others to new levels of success.

Visit her web-site at Find her on Facebook at and connect with her on Instagram @heleneoseen.

And while you are on the web-site don’t forget to get your FREE copy of Wear Your Life Well: Your Journey through Journaling.


Creativity Opens Doors - Lauri Mackey of Lauri’s Lemonade Stand 50

March 10, 2017

Lauri Mackey is the proprietor of Lauri’s Lemonade Stand, a Positivity Podcast for Women where she interviews amazing guests who share their stories and expertise to empower mature women into the next chapter of their lives. Lauri’s unique life experiences through teenage pregnancy, failed marriages, excommunication and graduating high school after the age of 40, have provided turn-around moments that have brought her the greatest happiness. Through public speaking and working on her first book about her excommunication and restoration of blessings, she is out to boldly serve other women into their “Happy Middle.”

Lauri also enjoys racing mountain bikes and lives in Camarillo with her amazing husband and two puppies.


Creativity is an Active State - Kara Snyder - 49

March 2, 2017

Kara Martin Snyder is the Owner/Strategist over at vital corps, a health + lifestyle studio located at the 3-way intersection of functional health, self-care and strategic action. Kara's not your run of the mill, wellness coach, though. Sure, she's got the classroom and professional creds that many health coaches have but she's also got an arsenal of bad-assery stemming from her experience in the boardroom, kitchen, and personal experience with the effects of chronic stress - namely Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Serving frazzled, Type-A women since 2009, Kara deconstructs the broken processes in her clients' lives, investigates why they might feel not-so-great, and co-creates actionable steps towards a healthier life – a life spiked with passion and slathered with joy. Additionally, she’s the host of Le vital corps Salon podcast and the creator of the 33K Task List Project. Her work has been featured in Prevention, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine among others. Make yourself cozy in Kara’s digital home at


Creativity Transcends Paradigms Janice Francisco 48

February 22, 2017

Janice Francisco, Innovation Catalyst, MSc Creativity and Change Leadership

Janice Francisco operates at the intersections of change, learning, creativity and innovation.  She helps managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative and teaches them how to use creativity to achieve innovation, grow and transform. She is the inventor of the Think Up Innovation Framework, an integrated, agile and repeatable process applied in real work settings to build change and sustainable innovation capacity.

As an organizational development consultant she works as a creativity and innovation expert, creativity trainer, change manager, learning producer, group facilitator and executive coach. As a researcher she explores how organizations apply creativity and build cultures of innovation.

Janice is President of BridgePoint Effect, a globally focused consultancy she founded in 2001. She speaks internationally on organizational creativity, is a member of the Advisory Board to the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Innovation and Commercialization and has developed expertise on leading change and innovation in the government, non-profit, private, and Fortune 500 sectors. She holds a Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership; a Bachelor of Business Management, a Diploma in Adult Education, the International Association of Facilitator’s designation of Certified Professional Facilitator™ and is a member of the global Certification Team for FourSight Thinking Profile™ and Team Report. She is a member of the European Creative Association, the Institute for Performance and Learning, and a leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute.


  • M.Sc. Creativity and Change Leadership
  • B.A. of Business Management
  • IAF Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Certified in Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Diploma in Adult Education
  • 4MAT4BUSINESS Instructional Design Methodology
  • Certified FourSight Presenter and Master Trainer
  • Certified KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation Administrator
  • Certified Stormz Digital Facilitator
  • Certified Organizational Growth Indicator Partner

Expertise: Creativity & Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, FourSight Thinking Framework, Leadership Development, Organizational Change, Instructional Design, Learning Organizations, Critical Thinking, Strategic Thinking


Creativity Lifts Your Vibe Claudia Carawan Singer Songwriter 47

February 9, 2017

Creating soulful music to lift your vibe

Claudia Carawan is an award-winning singer/songwriter and speaker whose music runs deep. Her voice has been described as “goose-bump inducing” and her original songs feature buoyant melodies fused with feel-good lyrics. At the heart of Carawan’s music and mission is a belief that music is transformative. She has independently released 5 CDs:

Out of the Blue: Positive pop
Fearless: Music to help you soar
Joy Rising: Music to help you get your “joy rising” Unfinished Business: Sassy, sexy blues & R&B Magic in the Air: A sparkling holiday collection

Inspirational Speaker

Carawan was so inspired after hearing Maya Angelou speak that she began creating “Music Lessons” (presentations that integrate story-telling, music and humor). As a speaker Carawan weaves her messages, music and humor together seamlessly into presentations for conferences, retreats, churches and professional organizations.

Workshops, Retreats & Concerts

As a workshop facilitator Carawan conducts a variety of interactive workshops on creativity, dream-building and music. In addition, Carawan performs in a variety of bands & ensembles: Solo and in the Claudia Carawan jazz quartet, Nightvision Dance Band, & The BlueBeats. Carawan has served as a Music Director at Unity of Bon Air in Richmond, Virginia for over 20 years and has touched and inspired the community with her original music, powerful performances and insight.


When not on stage, Carawan teaches & shares music with various populations. She ran a recording studio for at-risk youth at a residential healing facility for 17 years and brings the joy of music into other facilities like nursing homes & hospitals.


Creativity Is Going Into The Unknown - Bryan Demchinsky - 46

January 26, 2017

Bryan Demchinsky is a Montreal freelance editor and writer, the author or co-author of five books. Among them are Soup to Self-Sufficiency: Montreal’s Old Brewery Mission, with Alan Hustak (2014); After Auschwitz: One Man's Story, an as-told-to biography of Hermann Gruenwald (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2006); and Storied Streets: Montreal in the Literary Imagination, with Elaine Kalman Naves (Macfarlane, Walter & Ross, 2000). The American Library Association chose After Auschwitz as its best university press book published in Canada in 2007. Bryan is also the editor of many other books.

Since leaving a career job at Montreal Gazette in 2011 he has published in various magazines and newspapers. Much of what he learned as editor and writer came from working at The Gazette and five other Canadian newspapers for 35 years. This is now being transmitted in teaching and mentorship roles, including leading seminars in editing and memoir writing for the Quebec Writers’ Federation. Among other projects, he is currently at work on a family memoir.


Creativity, Ritual & Raspberries. Sofia Wren. 43

November 16, 2016

Sofia Wren helps writers and creatives ready to get themselves out there in a bigger way, who want to make faster progress and reach more people. She guides them to get comfortable being seen for who they truly are and to expose their work and message to more people.  Sofia Wren provides writers and creatives with intuitive, practical support to help them reach their creative goals.

She has been writing daily since 2009, and has helped dozens of writers start and maintain writing practices. Her work is featured in magazines online such as Quantum Success Magazine, and Silent Voices UK.