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009 Creativity is the Soul Breathing with Sylvie Filiatreault

March 20, 2016

Sylvie Filiatreault was born in Montreal (Quebec) in 1972.Raised by a single mother, who recognized at an early age, her daughter’spenchant for the arts. She nurtured Sylvie’s talent and interests with weeklytrips to the library and providing her with the tools needed to persevere inher passions for the arts and literature by attending seminars and conferencesat a very early age. ‘‘I remember going to those events and sitting on abooster seat to the surprise of all who were present.’’


She is a graduate of Concordia University inFine Arts and Art History; two disciplines that married her deepest passions:stories told in images. “I have alwaysbeen fascinated with the paintings ofcenturies past as they hold the many secrets of the times in which they werecreated.  Every work of art, every pieceof architecture, every word ever written is a time machine in itself”. 


In 1998, after graduating from her Bachelors degree, Sylviewas well on her way to starting her Masters Degree in Art Therapy but left herstudies to care for her ailing mother. She persevered through many “dead end”jobs. Thankfully, many of her stories were given birth during these cubicleyears. They were difficult times but she found refuge in her writing whilstdealing with the pain of a parent’s illness. 


Sylvie’s curious personality left her dissatisfied withonly reading about historical events and places. She wished to experience themfirst hand therefore with her mother’s blessing, she sold all her worldlybelongings, donned a back-pack and traveled to Scotland, England, France,eventually settling in Ireland, reveling in the history, culture and mythology.


Sylvie presently lives in Brossard (Québec) and is acolumnist for a monthly Community News paper. She is currently working on atrilogy (fiction) spanning over centuries about power and manipulation of womenin the name of Christianity. Sylvie has also illustrated a children’s bookentitled: ‘‘A Poppy for Pappy’’ that is presently being sold in TheCanadian War Museum of Ottawa, to raise funds for Canadian’s Veterans.Thus ensuring that our next generation never forgets those who sacrificed somuch for our freedom.


Her favorite inspiring quote for living her life is byJulius Caesar, ‘‘I came, I saw, I conquered’’. Dreams are only events that wehave yet to set in motion for ourselves. All it takes is for us to put the fearof failure aside and take that first step.



Sylvie Filiatreault