Own Your Creativity

010 From Darkness to Creative Spark with Shari D Teigman

March 21, 2016

Shari D Teigman is a soul explorer, transformational coach and business spark maker. 
What does that mean? 
Shari help the Joes and Janes who are done being average ditch their Groundhog Day living and find their unique path and voice to a sparked up soul and lit up life. She believes every person has the ability to find their creativity, passion and drive within and light up their lives, relationships, careers and most importantly, their connection to themselves.
On that creative crusade, Shari also work with entrepreneurs and everyday rock stars to verbalize their soul and vision through copy and creative packaging and igniting their businesses to grow and flourish as their calling, not just a J.O.B. they go to everyday. 
When you connect to your community through the right words and emotion, you create lifelong fans – and who doesn’t want that?!
Her podcast, The Creative Soul Lab, is a variety show of Shari musings and interviews with entrepreneurs, thought leaders and everyday success rock stars pulling the curtain back on how their creative spark, passion and individuality fuels success and fulfillment in life and business. 
The Creative Soul Lab can be found in iTunes and Stitcher. 

Shari D Teigman 

soul explorer. transformational coach. sparkle maker