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014 I Saw A Purple Sky with Pat (LP) Camozzi, musician & children’s author

April 12, 2016

Lp is all about words that sing. 


Take Me Dancin' is Lp Camozzi's 2nd adult single release.  It's the story of his married life and the planned title track of his first adult album. Some have commented that Take Me Dancin' has an old time country, live music feel brought to life with fiddle, harmonica, slide and acoustic guitars, bass and brush snare. All that's missing are the line dancers.  Who hasn't fallen in love on a dance floor?  


His first two CD's of original music for kids were entitled Even Kids Get the Blues and Even Kids Go Country. The third was supposed to be Even Kids Wanna Dance but the true dance stories in Lp's adult life evolve around women he'd danced with. So Take Me Dancin' will soon be followed by I Wish We Could Dance, On The Disco Floor and I Ain't Broke But I Sure Am Busted ...to name a few.  


Besides his voice, Lp's main instrument is blues harmonica, which he has played off and on for 40+ years.  He came to guitar late but plays a foot tapping rhythm acoustic guitar. And he's a mean spoons player.  


Lp loves bluegrass especially bluegrass singers.  Americana, folk and good old time country music fill his Lp record collection.  Admires and plays Springsteen, Neil Young, Hank Williams and Eagles covers.  


A father of three and grandfather of four, Lp is singing into his retirement career as a full time singer/songwriter and author.  He is also a published Tanka poet and author of three children's books.  Although born in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia, Lp currently lives in Montreal Canada with his French Canadian wife of 35 years.


Family, friends and a love of words. And Dancin'. That's Lp Camozzi.




Lp Camozzi

Email:  lpcamozzi@gmail.com

Website:  lpcamozzi.com