Own Your Creativity

018 Saying Yes Isn’t Selfish with Flora Brown, Author, Entrepreneur, Publishing Coach

May 11, 2016

Flora Brown was an entrepreneur as early as 10 years old. She sold her handmade potholders to the patrons of her mother's beauty shop while they sat captive under the dryer or waited their turns. She became hooked on earning money from her creative endeavors, but it was her love of school that led her to embrace a teaching career.

While teaching junior high through college levels and managing four children with her husband, Flora wove creative activities throughout their busy lives. In addition to the typical tasks of motherhood, for example, Flora wrote lyrics to Bach's Minuets to make it easier for her budding violinists to learn their pieces, even as she wrote articles for education and consumer publications, and completed her Ph.D.

When she retired as Professor Emeritus from Fullerton College, Flora became fascinated with blogging, internet radio, and encouraging readers to make choices that lead to fulfilling lives. In her book, Color Your Life Happy: Create Your Unique Path and Claim the Joy You Deserve, 2nd edition, she shares what shes learned from ancient wisdom, her own experiences, and the highlights of positive psychology research. In her true fashion, she recently published a book of creative and relaxing activities in keeping with the coloring craze: Color Your Life Happy Coloring Book for Adults.

Flora continues to write, but also coaches aspiring authors and teaches guided autobiography classes for those who want to write their life stories as part of their legacy.

She loves theater, British murder mysteries, most types of music, singing, and hosting dinner parties. In her determination to visit every continent (except Antarctica) at least once, she has one continent to go.

Her philosophy is nobody becomes somebody without the help of somebody else.

She offers free downloads on her sites FloraBrown.com and ColorYourLifeHappy.com and invites listeners to follow her on social media.