Own Your Creativity

020 Invest In Your Creativity with Laurie Johnson, Health & Wellness Coach

May 25, 2016
Meet Laurie Johnson

After years of struggling with self-esteem, Laurie empowered herself through the use of Creativity.

As a young child, she would spend hours dreaming and creating: thus providing her a means to express her emotions.  
As she grew into a young woman, her creativity included words and poems, often writing poetry in her back yard amongst the trees, expressing her uneasiness with growing up and the challenges she faced with her own self-worth.
Laurie believes Art and Creativity is a voice for those who feel silenced, a tool for healing pain and sadness, and has personally experienced how creativity develops the mind, and empowers the soul.
Laurie adds that without the regular engagement of artistic expression we deprive humans of a basic need: Art nurtures the body, soul and mind and can be a wonderful catalyst for growth, change and possibilities...'

For more about Laurie and her services: http://www.creyaytive.com/