Own Your Creativity

3 Myths About Using Story in Business with Elizabeth Johnston - 53

March 30, 2017

Today’s episode is about using story in your business. You might be asking yourself, What does that have to do with owning your creativity? Well, that’s what I’ll be talking about as well as three major myths that are stumbling blocks. Today’s show is mainly directed towards entrepreneurs and small business owners who are having problems reaching the people they want to serve. It’s also a show that will hold some interest for you if you have ever thought about writing about your life and the experiences that have led to your expertise or wisdom.

If you happen to be listening to my podcast for the first time, let me give a bit of background. I’m a story junkie. I love reading fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, poetry, you name it. I also love writing in those genres. And one of my all time favourite things to do is to teach about those topics. There’s nothing like getting together with people ready to jump into exploring their creativity. I just finished teaching two classes – one was magazine writing and another was introduction to short fiction. And the best thing about doing what I love is helping people like you unlock your creative potential so that you can think, feel and do better in work and in life.

Recently I’ve been having some informal conversations with my fellow entrepreneurs about how they use story in their business, or if they actually do use story, and how. The surprising thing that came out of these conversations was that not many people are aware of using it, and if they are, it’s not in a conscious, strategic way. When I probed this further, it became clear to me that there are actually some myths surrounding the use of story that are holding people back in their businesses.

Here are the most prominent myths:

  1. Stories are made-up or false by nature;
  2. I’m a business-person not a creative person; and
  3. There’s no return-on-investment in being creative.

Today I’m going to unpack those myths for you so that you can see the possibilities of using story in your business.

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