Own Your Creativity

Creativity is Bringing Things to Life. Scott Wilhite. Social Entrepreneur. 37

October 10, 2016
Scott Wilhite  is an award-winning commercial filmmaker turned social entrepreneur. As a writer, producer, and director he was enjoying a promising creative career without actually enjoying it. During ten of his most productive years he found them to also be ten of his darkest, most unsatisfying years. He felt directionless and that his life was missing purpose and meaning. 

This all changed when a friend introduced him to the world of positive psychology and showed him the difference that comes from deliberately, consciously choosing what he mentally focuses on. With his personal transformation, he wanted to make the education easily accessible to others. He created the Feed Your Happy app as a mobile mindset conditioning tool, founded nCOURAGE.LIFE, produced a 40-part video series called 2 min to HAPPY, and authored the soon-to-be-released book The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness: Scientifically Proven Skills For a Happier, More Meaningful Life. 

“I had no idea happiness was a skill. I thought I was just a ‘tortured artist,’ and that that’s the kind of life I should expect being in the creative field,” he says. Now he uses all of his creative talents to package mindset skill training for others so they can spiral up and live with intention. 

Scott has a beautiful wife who teaches high school, four kids who don’t fight, and lives high up in the Rocky Mountains. 

More on nCOURAGE can be found at: nCOURAGE.LIFE
More on Scott’s films can be found at: BigSherpa.tv/films