Own Your Creativity

Creativity Needs Nurturing - Erin C Mahoney - 89

July 2, 2019

Erin is a motivational speaker, empowerment expert and international bestselling author. She has extensive experience in various industries with a primary focus on self-worth, leadership and communication. Erin served as a medic in the United States Air Force both state side and overseas. Erin is a contributing writer for Aspire Magazine and has been featured as one of Boston’s Most Inspirational Stories. She serves on the Women Veterans Network Steering Committee for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is an Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT) Tapping Coach. Erin is passionate about helping others discover their own bright light. She inspires and motivates people to step outside of their comfort zone, do what feels exciting, dream BIG and live a life that has positive impact on the world!

https://erincmahoney.com/ and https://www.girlpowergo.com/




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