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013 Honesty, Authenticity & the Writing Life with Marnie Maguire

April 8, 2016
Marnie Maguire is the co-author of Picture Perfect: The Story of Black's Photography published by the oldest independent publishing house in Canada, Goose Lane Editions. An independent spirit herself, she will soon unleash her latest work, A Lick of Fire, a novel in zine art form. Most of Marnie's own publications and zines are part magic realism/part poetic grunge; however, she also values all she has learned from writing more conventional pieces on commission. She has combined her experience as a writer with her doctoral research on social change, memory & the creative process to provide truly meaningful workshops and memoir consultations for a broad spectrum of aspiring authors, including street youth, teen mothers, corporate professionals, seniors, college and university students to name quite a few.